Amid the current economic recovery, HR functions have the opportunity to transform company performance by attracting, recruiting, retaining and upskilling the best talent on the market. This follows a downturn that saw many companies stagnate or even disappear, with greater pressure to perform with more limited resources. Demographic trends such as multi-generational, borderless and hyper-specialised workforces, combined with enterprise technology trends, are disrupting the status quo in the HR arena. Digital business is now a reality and cannot be ignored.

Lumesse commissioned Loudhouse to conduct research among HR decision-makers globally to understand the challenges and opportunities represented by talent, leadership and agility. By gaining a clearer understanding of the current challenges within recruitment and succession, the research explores how agility can underpin talent and leadership improvements. By agility, we mean the ease and speed with which HR can adopt technology innovation in order to respond to business needs & create competitive advantage.

The research shows that the talent shortage resulting from the recession period is a particular challenge for HR professionals.

  • 90% agree that the urgency to identify and develop future leaders is intensifying
  • 76% say that the biggest threat to their business in the next two years will be the shortage of talent
  • 84% state that increasing competition is making it harder than ever before to attract and retain top talent
  • 73% state the biggest threat to their business over the next 12 months is the risk of losing critical talent
  • 93% agree that building a talent, leadership and agility advantage is key to their organisation’s ability to compete and succeed
  • 71% think that their organisation will need to act within 12 months to create a talent, leadership and agility advantage

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