The challenges that HR faces are growing continuously. The biggest obstacle being the search for qualified candidates while keeping the organisation’s interest and goals in mind. It should not only mean that the best candidates will be hired, but that the process should be resource efficient at the same time.

Let’s have a look at the best-in-class. How do the Top Performers manage to win over successful, long-term talent?

Using the right recruiting tools is essential for identifying qualified applicants. Today’s candidates value modern technology highly.

Top companies have realised this and have integrated innovative technology into their processes. Studies clearly show that the best-in-class companies heavily rely on the advantages of video technology. Half of all Top Performers use video interviews, while only 38% of average performing companies do so.

What are the characteristics of Top Performers, actually?

  • The percentage of employees that remain for a minimum of one year is 91 %
  • The percentage of positions that are filled internally is 86%
  • The yearly increase in satisfaction of the hiring departments is 23%

The KPIs that video technology usually optimises are the classic performance indicators: time-to-hire, cost-per-hire and hiring manager satisfaction.

The study showed that half of all companies (52%) using video technology reported that the time taken to fill vacancies decreased. Equally, almost half of those companies (47%) reported that their costs per hire also decreased.

81% of the companies using video technology were able to achieve their company KPIs. In comparison, less than 20% of the companies that did not use video technology, were able to achieve their KPIs.

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