A successful and sustainable employer branding does not end with receiving an application.

Personnel selection is actually the first real touch point between your applicant and you, and it is, therefore, vital to your recruiting success to continuously communicate with them so as to make them feel acknowledged.

The selection process has to be at the center of a coherent and company-specific employer brand communication.

Excellent and well-thought processes are key to managing your candidate experience in the best possible way. Only if all parts of the recruiting and employer branding process are coordinated, you can be sure to enthuse your candidates starting from the first meeting to the salary negotiation and onboarding.


Ensuring a superior candidate experience through innovative recruiting tools

Web-based selection methods such as automated video interviewing are on the rise. They provide numerous advantages to the candidates, for example:

  1. Flexibility

Online assessments provide candidates with the chance of being independent of time and location. Those candidates who would especially appreciate online procedures for interviewing may be those still working for another company, applying from abroad or currently doing exams.

2.  Usability

Today’s online assessment measures are often characterised by a clever user experience as well as being simple and intuitive to use. Assessments have been developed to be used by applicants so that the needs of the candidates are easily catered to, by giving them the opportunity to do test videos, for example.

3. Early insights into the company

In the past, candidates often had to wait until they finally got some insights into the company and their contact persons from within. Online platforms have solved this issue! Candidates can now get to know you and create bonds with your company much earlier.

Use innovative tools in a clever way!

Simply using an online process does not guarantee a great candidate experience, however. What really matters are often the hidden variables, such as consistent communication with your candidates about the use and benefit of the tool, the meaningful integration of the tool in the overall recruiting process and the features the tool provides.

impact of a positive candidate experience

3 tips for creating your company’s candidate experience

1.  Develop a benefits-oriented candidate communication

By explaining the personal benefit that candidates experience with a new recruiting tool, you are more able to foster a positive frame of mind for the candidates.

  1. Be close to your candidates and stay authentic

When it comes to online assessments, applicants appreciate getting to know the people behind the company. Video interviewing demonstrates that showing candidates who is “behind the curtain” with a personal and authentic welcome video sets a  positive candidate experience from the beginning.

  1. Ensure transparency and job relevance

You boost your candidates’ motivation if you tell them the following: why did you choose this selection procedure? Why are you asking this question? In fact, they need to understand the relation between the job requirements and the selection tool. This is crucial to establishing a positive experience!

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