Decision makers in Human Resources Management agree: International recruiting is becoming more and more important. Attracting qualified candidates from abroad may increase and secure your company’s competitiveness significantly and sustainably.

Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. You have the right people on board to help you enter new markets
  2. You find employees with valuable skills you do not find in your home market
  3. You increase team performance throughout a diverse workforce.

In sum: recruiting international talent strengthens your competitiveness. By the way, we have summarised advantages, challenges and best practice cases in a whitepaper which you can download here (it’s free).

The Top 5 challenges

However, international recruiting places increased demands on the responsible person from the hiring departments and HR.

Here are the Top 5 Challenges :

  1. CVs are difficult to compare
  2. Interviews have to be coordintaed across time zomes
  3. Involving the hiring departments in the recruiting process becomes really difficult
  4. Fairness standards are even more difficult to implement
  5. Increased costs for Assessment Centers and in-person interviews
The strategy: How top employers manage international recruiting

The results of a global study show what distinguishes top performers from average companies in terms of recruiting.

Viasto 1
Best Practice: Quarterly Crossing uses video interviewing to recruit MBA students for top employers worldwide

So, let’s have a closer look at one of those companies and how they deal with international recruiting: Quarterly Crossing organises the MBT World Summit once a year. At this 2 day workshop in Hong Kong, international talents meet the leaders of today. In order to select the candidates for the MBA World Summit, Quarterly Crossing works closely together with the top 30 MBA Schools worldwide.

Viasto 2

With the team receiving 2000 applications from over 35 countries, QX has the challenging task to make a good pre-selection! QX uses for the first time prerecorded video interviews by viasto to select the most promising applicants, gaining a complete picture of the candidates’s skills.

300 applicants complete the video interviews around the globe at their convenience. A team of only 4 people at QX evaluates their answers. Based on the video answers, QX decides which candidates they want to invite for a personal exchange to Hong Kong. Check!

Get more insights with white paper on international recruiting

We have crafted a white paper for you (it’s free!). It provides you with information on how to:

  • Get a reliable impression of your candidates’ skills and personality
  • Recruit effectively worldwide without scheduling and traveling conflicts
  • Increase quality and fairness standards in interviews using pre-recorded video interviews

You can download the whitepaper here. Let us know if you find it helpful!

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