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Why reward is so important in “Best Companies”?

We know engagement is fundamentally about leaders providing strong strategic vision, managers managing people well and great two-way communication where employees feel involved. Reward has an impact on all three and ‘fair deal’ certainly earns its place as one of the eight ‘best company’ factors.

[from: http://www.hrzone.com/]

The beginner’s guide to HR and Big Data

With the limited resources firms have these days, hiring has become a bigger gamble than ever. Recruit the wrong person, and you’ve wasted precious time and money. But some companies are turning to a new tool that could forever change the way HR hires and appraises employees: Big Data.

[from: http://www.hrmorning.com/]

Remember your pay structure? It’s likely you are not doing enough

Most employees presume that their company aspires to meet the goal of competitive pay. Companies routinely advertise the practice (“we offer competitive wages”) and candidates expect this of potential employers.

But what happens when your goal of offering competitive pay is finally achieved? Are employees grateful? Can companies rest in their efforts to attract, motivate and retain?Nope.

[from :http://www.tlnt.com/]

HR Technology tools for SMEs

Over the past 15 years, HR departments at large organisations have benefited from a range of software tools that have helped reduce administration and increase efficiency.

[from: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/]

Flexible working rights for all- could they backfire?

In a few months’ time, providing you’re a UK employee, you will have a legal right to request this, and your employer will have a legal obligation to answer.

And not just that – they will have a legal obligation to provide a valid reason if they can’t say yes.

[from: http://www.bbc.com/]

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