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The 5 practical hands-on Workshops at the 2nd HRcoreLAB are now confirmed. They will be highly interactive with hands-on exercices and group work between a small number of participants.

1. Neuro Leadership by EADA Business School with Dr. Steve Poelmans

  • Introdution to NeuroTrainingLab: a new methodology based on neuro-science used to assess and develop Executive leradership skills.
  • SCARF Model: to motivate and retain your best employee
  • Importance to deal with stress and emotions
  • Introduction to NeuroLeadership; a new perspective based on cognitive, affective & social neuro-sciences.
  • Presentation of the Healthy Mind Platter Model  Image

2. Introducing a new Performance Management framework by Talmundo with Jackie Brooker -Global Head of TM in Givaudan & Stijn de Groef, Partner at Talmundo. 

  • The Givaudan case: changing global Performance Management processes and behaviours
  • Getting the right attention for your initiative
  • Using interactive videos and games to deliver your key messages to a global audience of HR people and managers

Image3. Cultural agility – The key or “roadblock” to international success by CultureCatch with Marit Imeland Gjesme

  • Change and Integration – the human challenge when national company – and team cultures collide
  • Aspects of culture that directly influence business – focus areas needed for global agility
  • Examples of successes, failures and a case study
  • What can you do? Ways to deal with it


4. Employer Branding by Universum with Rafael Garavito KAM – Country Manager

  • How to become a talent attraction magnet
  • Developing a company’s EVP
  • Exercises on how to build brands to capture talent

Image5. How do you ensure high quality people management? by Gallup with Izabella Khazagerova, Associate Principal

  • How to select and promote for talent
  • The best way to motivate associates
  • The most efficient way to develop people
  • How to set up expectations right
  • How to implement integrated solutions across HR boundaries