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In this last part of the Performance Management Case Studies we want to share with you the BT Operate challenge to implement a Performange Management system.

BT Operate was formed by integrating three separate organisations employing
almost 20,000 people globally. The business has genuinely been transformed over
the last three years with significant improvements in service levels to customers
together with c17 per cent net year on year reduction in costs.
But there have also, not surprisingly, been significant challenges experienced on
the journey, challenges that have required new and incisive change initiatives.

One of these (at a time of intense competitive pressures and downsizing) has
focused on BT totally reshaping its approach to performance management.

It has introduced an on-line e-performance management system, aimed at building
much more quality and rigor into the process of improving performance and
addressing under-performance.
Interestingly, many people in BT Operate initially saw this as being as much of a
barrier to helping support enhancing performance as it has been seen as an enabler.

This presented a sensitive challenge for senior leaders in BT Operate who
have had to balance introducing new commercially focused performance practice
at pace with the perception by some employees that the approach is punitive and

Thanks to Peter Reilly we invite you to see the full case study following this link. We hope to see you joining us next March!

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