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We are finally here, after a lot of doubts and work …We have decided to launch our corporate blog, come on give us the chance to impress you!

What do we want to share in our blog?

We do not want a regular HR blog, neither an advertising one, we want something else. Here you will most definetely find HR news and innovations, however we will feed our followers with intereviews and insights from our past clients and collaborators.

Why? Because we feel things that come from the inside of the companies are even more valuable that articles and theories.

We will do our best to balance both categories. And hope you enjoy while we try 🙂

Who? Everyone is more than welcome to read, discuss, comment and share! Yes share ! Because we want interaction, we want constant flow of ideas… Do you feel do you have something to say? Contact us! We want people involved, give us your ideas, share your views…

We are always happy to innovate and hear what all of you have to say. It’s our most valued feedback and comments.

Keep tuned for all of these, and maybe some things more… Who knows?